Fe league's comprehensive survey shatters stereotypes, highlights shared visions across generations.

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In a groundbreaking exploration of workplace values and priorities, a recent survey about women in the workforce challenges conventional wisdom and sheds light on commonalities and distinctions across generations. Conducted by Fe league, an inclusive community of leaders across industries invested in supporting women, the survey reached 300 women in the workforce across all four generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z), offering unprecedented insights into their expectations, aspirations, and challenges. Contrary to conventional expectations of generational tension in the workplace, the survey uncovers a remarkable unity among women across different age groups.


For the first time in modern history...

All four generations of women are coexisting in the workforce, revealing more similarities in intrinsic values than previously acknowledged. The survey challenged the narrative of generational tension, presenting a unified front in what women across generations seek in the workplace. 

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“As women rise in our careers, we often do so with a sense of scarcity and competition with one another that we've been conditioned to accept - including generalized biases between generations. These survey findings underscore the power of unity and the shared challenges and aspirations that connect women across generations. At Fe league, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment that recognizes our multigenerational workforce's priorities and ambitions," said Amanda Herring, CEO of Fe league. "These results should establish new foundational understanding for better supporting women at work and serve as a guide in developing policies and initiatives with fresh perspectives to empower every person at every stage of their careers.” 

About Fe league

Fe league is an inclusive community of corporate, agency, and entrepreneurial leaders across a variety of industries and seniorities who are invested in improving representation and gender equity. Our purpose is to welcome all to pave more paths by making space for meaningful community, content, and coaching through monthly virtual events, in-person gatherings, co-leagues (small peer groups for mentorship/reverse mentorship and coaching), give-back experiences, and curated member subscription boxes featuring women authors and women-made products.